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I am a unique and inspiring model and make up artist, living in Hampshire, UK.

I am willing to model anything from Beauty up to Artistic Semi-Nude.

For my full portfolio please visit: www.rachaelholmes.co.uk & www.rouge-mua.co.uk

Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy new year!

2013 may have only come upon us – but it seems to be a pretty exciting year ahead for me!

I’ve had some pretty amazing news today!

Late last year I contacted a hair stylist as an actor friend of mine recommended me to her… I never expected her to contact me back. I was talking to her today about possibly being her makeup artist but for now, I just need to wait and see…

So that post will be for another day. So watch this space… But I’m very excited!

And to top it off, I’ve just been accepted as a model with Tulip Modelling Agency!  I am one of their makeup artists too!

I’m so excited with these new future opportunities coming my way!

Hope 2013 is looking as good for you as it is for me.

Rachael x


Hi there,

As some of you all know, I am in the process of learning how to apply acrylic false nails, but whilst that is getting under way and I can afford to buy my acrylic kit, I have been doing lots of different nail art.

I have been thoroughly enjoying myself painting on mine and other ladies fingernails, ranging from leopard print, cows to marble effects.

I had one client want something fun and very different from the norm… so I painted “Angry Birds” on her and it was a major hit with other potential customers!

Below are a few of my nail art designs:


Recent Shoots

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I last posted, but hey, I have a few images for you to take a look at from some of my recent shoots.

The first set is from the very talented photographer Jeremy Howitt, when I spent the day in Brighton doing an “Urban Shoot”.

And the final set is from the equally talented photographer Darren Shaw, shot on film, with a Mamiya RZ67 and a Nikon F4 in my local area of Southsea on the beach.


Make Up Mad!!

I’ve been having quite a few makeup jobs just lately and I absolutely love every second of it!

The past two weekends have been chocker block!

Saturday 14th April, I had a great day doing makeup for a wonderful lady called Sheila. She was having a home photoshoot promoting her music website, as she teaches violin and piano. Then later in the afternoon she had a few shots taken with her daughter Zoe!

Sunday 15th April, I had a great experience of being the makeup artist of a local up and coming band called “Switch Transmission” for their music video, which was being filmed at Fort Widley, Portsmouth. Amazing lads and an all-round amazing day – even though it was absolutely freezing that day!

Here is a sneak peak of me doing the makeup:

Saturday 21st April, I had a lovely but sadly very wet photoshoot with male model Paul Flores and photographer Penelope Louise Bielckus here in Southsea. However wet it was, it was a great and very successful shoot. We all had a great day and the images came out lovely!

Here is one of the images from the day:

And finally, Sunday 22nd April, I had yet another amazing photoshoot with a great photographer, Charles Burley and two absolutely stunning models, Jade McInnes and Lauren Pratt. We were experimenting with makeup with this shoot and the outcome was friggin’ awesome!

Here is one example from yesterday’s shoot and to view the others when I get them; you’re going to have to check out my MUA website: www.rouge-mua.co.uk

Jade McInnes


I now officially have a brand spanking new website dedicated to my makeup work and services!!

And it’s now LIVE!!

Check it out:


Let me know your thoughts on the site, and I hope you all like it!!

Much Love! xxx


This past week, I have had some pretty amazing makeup shoots! And I’ve loved every second of it.

I had an amazing shoot with an up and coming hair salon in Havant on Sunday 11th March, where I worked on 6 stunning models. 4 females and 2 males! They all looked amazing – can’t wait to see the results!

Then on Wednesday 14th March, I had an absolute beauty come round my house for a shoot, her name is Taz Keens and the photographer was Dave Greensmith.

Dave brought round some beautiful pink roses and daises that Taz modelled beautifully with. I made her eyes fuschia pink to go with the flowers and she pulled it off perfectly!

As Taz had beautiful blue eyes, I wanted to add a slightly stronger colour to the already existing pink to make her eyes really pop, so I chose to add purple! And to make it really wacky, I even gave her purple lips!

And for our final set, we all agreed to do something totally different, weird and bright!

Dave had a search through my “Makeup Ideas” folder on my laptop and one photo really took his fancy, so I recreated it with my own personal touch to it – and my gosh, it was friggin’ hard work! May not look hard, but maaaaaan! It was trickier than I imagined!

But when it was complete – I was extremely happy with myself and Taz looked AMAZING!

What do you all think?