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Chris Anderson - I had the great pleasure of working with Rachael. Her pre-shoot communication was excellent. She listened to direction and worked very hard. She also did her own make-up and hair to a high standard. Would recommend Rachael to anyone.

Roland S - Worked with Rachael as my sponsored model at the Studland shoot. Have to say it was a pleasure to work with Rachael, very professional, fun, has a wonderful personality and above all is a very beautiful model. Highly recommend to all and will definitely work with again in future.

Jonnie B - Rachael travelled for over 2 hours to get to our shoot and I am very happy that she did. A classic beauty and extremely elegant, she poses without direction, worked hard on our shoot all day and still tried to ensure that we had the best pictures we could, even when tired!. Stunning eyes and skin were all complemented by the MUA on the day and this shows in the pictures we took. Memory card after memory card full of excellent images. I would work with Rachael again, without hesitation.

Jonnie B - What more can I add to the last reference I gave to Rachael. Stunning, beautiful, excellent to work with. Rachael is a rising star with both a classical elegance and an up to the minute look that deserves much wider recognition. Her attitude is perfect and the ease at which she can "turn it on" puts much more experienced models to shame!. I am looking forward to working with Rachael again (and again).

Tony Nutley - I worked with Rachael, I now think she's moved up into a whole new level, she can do fashion, classy glamour, portraits, she moves well, her expressions are great (I believe them), she can work with or without direction. She put her total trust in me and we were able to shift outside her 'comfort zone', the results are some pictures that I am really pleased with. I would work with her time and time again. Her communications and timing are so good they almost aren't worth mentioning.

Keith Curtis - Had a lovely shoot with Rachael. Her communications were excellent, worked well in front of the camera and found her very cheerful and hard working, definitely recommended.

Julian Porter - Rachael is a great model and a very nice person to work with, Great comm's and very reliable. She took direction very well and we would love to work with her again, highly recommended model.

Andy Owen - Had a terrific shoot with Rachael. Excellent pre comm's. Came with number of ideas to try. Excellent makeup and skin tone. Patience of a saint when the light trigger wouldn't work. Nothing was too much trouble. Very easy to direct, although by the end of the shoot she had worked out the poses I was after and duly supplied. She is a lovely young lady and I highly recommend.

Chris333 - I had a super shoot with Rachael. She is strikingly, naturally beautiful and so easy to work with, providing ideas of her own and following direction well.


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