Happy New Year Everyone!

It been a while since I last wrote a blog post, so as its the new year, I thought it’s time for me to step up and take action on my ‘to do’ list… and top of that list is get back on track with my blog!!!

Will 2023 be YOUR year??

I had a reading the other day and the message I got was:

“You need to shine YOUR light”

I was told I always put myself out to help others, to shine their light and even though I get joy in helping others shine…I need to shine my light too!!

Like what that actual crap?!!

She was spot on….

Because I do go above and beyond to help my clients shine and show their true selves. And I absolutely LOVE doing this! But I often push myself to the back…I rarely put myself first and truly be seen. I’m often too afraid to get myself out there and show me for me!

But I’m going to use this new year to continue to help my people BUT also shine my own light.

Change things up and do things differently.

I want to showcase what I can really do within my photography…change my style and offer so much more diversity to my clients AND FOR ME!

What do you plan to change this new year to make things better within your life and business??