Why Is Great Photography So Important For Your Brand?


By having the right images professionally captured will give your brand the recognition it deserves!

Photography plays a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. It also enhances your positioning as an expert and this in turn gives you the competitive edge with purpose of increasing your sales.

A business will budget in for a new logo and brochure design by hiring a Graphic Designer, because they are the experts. Budgeting for a photographer is equally important, yet a lot of businesses don’t see it’s essential. Most feel their phone camera is good enough…

But is this really good enough? Is it really going to give you the best results?

Don’t risk disconnecting with your customers by using lesser quality images across your marketing and websites, as this will instantly devalue your brand.

If you want to attract attention to your brand, you need to have inspiring first impression through great photography.

Today’s’ customers are more and more wanting to connect with people and their brands.

Visual Content Drives engagement = sales!

Top 4 tips to consider:

1) Budget for a photographer. How much is your brand worth? Just as you would budget for your logo, marketing and website design, it is just as important to set aside a budget for photography. But it is a worthy investment long term as you will have your bespoke bank of images of artistic workplace shots, portraits and in action shots just to name a few.

2) Hire and Expert: We can all change a light bulb but that doesn’t qualify us to be an electrician! Professional photographers have the skills, equipment and eye. You can’t fake experience.

3) Avoid using stock images: Stock images are easily accessible and easy to use but they most often do not connect with your branding. The good ones are often expensive and the more cost effective ones are usually generic and boring and run the risk of having your audiences disconnect with your brand.

4) The results are only good as the brief. Spend a small amount of time, filling out your photography brief, so as to achieve the results you want. Include your brand values, target audience as a start. Also think about your own styling and those who work with you, as presentation is essential.

I am inspired with capturing the right outcome for people’s brands and business, in bringing their personality out so that their images are more engaging to their audiences.